A Teacher’s Guide to using Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook Creator

I have been an avid user of Microsoft OneNote in my classroom for years. I first started using the program to design unit outlines and course materials to share with my colleagues. As the technology improved, then came the ability to be able to collaboratively work on the same notebook with multiple users.

Microsoft OneNote soon worked its way into my classroom as a shared class notebook with my students. They would take the content pages and then copy and paste them into their own personal OneNote. Of course, there were some issues. Students had the ability to work collaboratively with their peers, but they would sometimes forget that they were in a shared notebook with the rest of the class. Keeping a separate collaborative OneNote notebook wasn’t the answer, especially teaching multiple classes.

Then came along OneNote Class Notebook Creator application. An application that enables you to roll together multiple notebooks into one. Free to download from the SharePoint store, educators can now quickly set up collaborative notebooks and personalise the content with different levels of permissions.

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator application allows teachers to set up a read only section, a collaborative space and a private personal section for each student. This is perfect in the classroom. Teachers can see all of their students’ personal section, whilst the students only see their own section.

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The benefits have been huge. From a teacher’s perspective, I can now update my content without having to rely on uploading new pages or sections to our Learning Management System or email students with updated content.

The private personal student section has dramatically changed how I work with my students in the classroom. I have access to my students’ work at all times. I can see in real time what they are doing in class ( and homework) and the flexibility to provide multimodal feedback. Students no longer have to `show’ me their device or email me their work. I can work collaboratively with my students anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


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Recent updates to the OneNote Class Notebook Creator application include:

  • Adding additional teachers to the shared OneNote
  • Language Support
  • Searchable notebooks in Office 365
  • New notebook email notification

Click on the link to view an interactive guide for installing the OneNote Class Notebook Creator Application to your OneDrive for Business of SharePoint site.